The Zero Universe
Red Shift. The explication of Red Shift is always related to sirenes and ambulances/policecars... A car with a siren moving to the listener will produce a higher sound/pitch then when not moving and te distance will decrease, when the car moves away from the listener the sound or pitch will be lower and the distance wil increase. For objects in the sky at large distances the wavelength of the light increases, this is in the red part of the spectrum best perceptible. The theory of the Standard Model implies that these objects are moving away from us. But the long distance and time it took the fotons to come to us make an other explication possible. There are objects in the sky who are visibly connected and yet have higher and lower red wavelengths as for example NGC7310. This object has a diameter of 0.9arc min (distance about 1000 milion lightyears). NGC7310 has a small redshift and the quasar which is “in front” of this object has a large redshift and should be further away. But in LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) the frequency of the emitted light changes when the current changes. This also can be an explanation for the redshift. In space there are a lot of phenomenons that only can be explained by electricity. In LEDs, every atom that gets current emits a photon (lightpaticle). By changing the amount of current the frequency changes as is showed in the manual graphs of Vishay infrared led TSTF6200 and red led TLHR540. I In “The Electric Sky” of Dr. Donald E. Scott are many examples of redshift phenomenons. This book is based on the work of Nobelpricewinner Dr. Hannes Alfvén.
TSTF6200 TLHR540 From “The electric Sky” Quasar with high redshift before NGC7310 with low redshift. Photo: Lopez-Corredoira & Gutierrez