The Zero Universe
Gravitational Constant Newton developed formulas to explain and calculate gravity for fenomena on earth and in space. To get realistic numbers he added the Gravitational Constant but did not give it  a value. In the 18th century Henry Cavendish determined  this constant in an ingenious way. It is a figure with 10 zeroes after the decimal point and then comes the first number. His method was so good that there never have been big alterations. At this moment the Gravitational Constant is 0.000000000067430 or scientifically 6.7430E-11  or 6.7430*10-11  Cavendish calculated this constant on earth and up till now this constant is used all over the universe. By the influence of the Anti Mass Field this constant is not the same everywhere in the universe. In recalculating Zwicky’s Comacluster to get the right speed the Gravitational Constant is 6 times bigger than the earth related Gravitational Constant.