The Zero Universe
Dark Matter Fritz Zwicky (1898-1974) studied in 1933 the Comacluster, a system of 10.000 galactic starsystems encircling a common gravitational centre. When matter encircles a common centre of gravity, the mass in the centre determines the speed of the outer matter encircling the centre of gravity as e.g. our planets encircling the sun. With measurements of that speed and estimates of the central mass Zwicky calculated that more mass has to be in the centre than in the observed central mass. In his calculations he used the earth Gravitationalconstant. Because this mass is invisable he called this mass “Dark Matter”. Until now all kinds of theories have been put forward about this Dark Matter. Though a lot of work is put in the investigations, a proof  or explanation of the nature of this matter has not been found. When using the Anti-Mass-Field it is clear that the big central mass is not synchronised or coherent with the earth Gravitationalconstant. The earth Gravitationalconstant is usable for the earth and the enviroment of the sun, but not for other masses elsewhere in the universe.