The Zero Universe
Anti Mass Field Another approach of the arise of the universe To start with a variation on a known expression “In the beginning there was ...... NOTHING”. Nothing means also that there is  equilibrium.  In this NOTHING an atom arises, probably the most simple. An atom has electric charge and mass. The electric charge is in an atom at rest positive in the nucleus and negative in the electron. The total charge in an atom is therefore zero. In that sense an atom is neutral, in equilibrium. But the mass is positive and disturbs the equilibrium. That’s why there is an Anti-Mass-Field that will be increased by the same negative mass ensuring that the total is again in equilibrium. This field is in contrast with an electrical, magnetical or gravitational field not centre originated but evenly distributed like i.e the air around us. Mass is not caused by un unknown particle, but charge has mass! In this way more and more atoms arise and the total charge and mass stays zero/nothing. Why it arose and when will always be a riddle, maybe it was always there, even if we can hardly imagine that. But an equilibrium that has always been present, is imaginable.  What are the implications. We can imagine that the universe has been arisen in a way as described in the Big Bang model, fusing of atoms, combining in larger units, creation of proto stars/planets and at last stars, galaxies, clusters and all the rest. Because in a mass the atoms/gravitational units are close together and the Anti-Mass-Field, that fills the whole universe, is invariable, the Gravitational Constant G will not everywhere be equal on mass entities. The used Gravitational Constant works well on Earth and its environment/solar system, in the direct astronomical neighbourhood. On much larger distances, when there is no mass,  the force of the Anti-Mass-Field will be greater. Therefore it is imaginable that a newly named gravitational constant Gg has a value of 2 on earth and in the emptiness of tens of lightyears between galaxies 6. The influence of the Anti-Mass-Field on a very large mass will be smaller than on an isolated star. Because laws and constants are invented and measured on earth it is not easy imaginable what could be different in space. The Anti-Mass-Field is allover in the universe and the masses we work with contain only a fraction of that universe. That is why the Ant-Mass-Fiels will have less influence on very large masses than on small masses.