The Zero Universe
Proportions When figures about dimensions of atoms or stars and planets are written down or displayed otherwise, it are numbers that are very big or very small, but most of the time they say not more than very big or very small.  Reducing this figures to a more humanitarian scale gives some insight about size and distances. The Atom: The cross-cut of an average core of less or more protons and neutrons is 1E-14m  of   1 * 10-14 m   of   100fm The cross-cut of that atom is 2E-10   of   2*10-10    of   200pm. If we equate the core to 1 mm the cross-cut of that atom will be  20.000 mm or 20 meter. The content of this sphere of 20 meter with a core of 1 mm is empty. Each atom is actually emptyness. That is why particles out of space go through the earth without touching someting. They also go through humans.... everything.