The Zero Universe
Because astromomers get more and more knowledge of the universe problems arise and trying to understand that problems, more and more options are invented to solve that problems, even when that options cannot be proved e.g. dark matter. In this website a number of new ideas will be proposed. Probally never shall we know whether the universe had a beginning or if it has always been there. For humans it is difficult or impossible to imagine a universe that has always been there. We are too much connected to the idea of time. By supposing it once started, it is easier to realise how an universe can arise and what are the consequences of this different approach. In History the  most important facts can be found to  better understand astronomy.  In Theory the next ideas will be handled: The neutron exist of a proton and an electron. Mass is a consquence of charge By using an Anti Mass Field the total mass of the universe will be zero The Gravitation constant is not everywhere the same in the universe The Redshift in combination with electronics gives another image of the Redshift In Plus subjects are: In the Pioneer anomaly the change of the speed of the satellite will be explained by the Anti Mass Field In Proportion the size of an atom and the size of the universe will be made understandable. As can be seen in History new ideas are dificult to be accepted. Sometimes opponants have to fade away. If this ideas will be accepted or with good arguments be denied is a question of time.