The Zero Universe
At the age of 12 I got a book titled “Sun Moon and Stars”. From that time on my attitude to what I had learned at elementary school changed. In highschool languages, history an physics were my favorites. After that I studied French and Electronics and every possibilitiy I got also Atom theory. All my life I worked and studied in the computerworld. Especially electronics and digital hardware systems  and their integration with software were my specialities. In 2017 I asked myself  “what if the universe is a vacuum?”. I read many years ago that new atoms are still  created in the universe. After that, in little steps and mostly in the minutes around awakening the idea arose about what is written in this website. Before internet new ideas had to be published in books or scientific magazines.  Academic / scientific magazines are dominated by editors and “peer review”; they often prohibit everything that is not in accordance with their opinion or makes problems in the accepted knowledge. But nowadays a website is a possibility to give the world a new idea. Whether this ideas will be accepted or neglected has to be seen. Before internet it could take many years before an idea got further and was accepted. Now, time can be shorter.